Monday, April 9, 2012


Last Saturday our family had a unique opportunity to work together as the 6 of us to love on the kids that go to NKO, or Neighborhood Kid's Outreach (If you would like to read more about that program, go to this link). Typically, the kids who attend this weekly program get a chance to swim, play soccer, learn English and hear the Word of God. It is a great program but this week we had a spring celebration for all of the kids who attend our program. It coincided with Easter and Khmer New Year. Our goal was to love on each of the kids and bless each one of them. I love simple goals. And that goal was overwhelmingly achieved. When the kids got to Logos, they were divided into 7 groups of about 25 each. They rotated between 6 different game stations and just had a blast. The 7th station was manned by our family. That was the ice cream station! As the kids cycled through our area, we were able to serve them with a smile, interact with them as they enjoyed their treat and show them the love of Christ.  As I watched each member of my family at different points throughout the event, I was so thankful that we were able to reach out to these members of our community together. It was a great enhancement to our Easter weekend. Please pray for the continued impact that this outreach will have on our community. As I tell my high school volunteers every week, "They will know we are Christians by our love", not our programs or talent...etc. Love on them and the message will get through! Thanks for your faithful prayer and support of our family and what God is doing through us here. We love and are truly thankful for all of you. I trust you all had a very blessed Resurrection Sunday! And by the way, if you weren't able to make it out to an Easter service, go to this link for a great message from Francis Chan. Blessings.

Ice Cream scooopers

Some of the kids waiting for their turn. The girl in green is one of our Cambodian volunteers.

Abby marking the hand of one of the girls. Wanted to make sure we didn't miss anyone.

Happy about Ice Cream

Love those happy faces


One shift of the serving crew

As one final surprise, we helped the kids with heat-management. We had them congregate in the courtyard and....

...cooled them off with water, from 3 stories up. They actually waited until we refilled so they could experience it a second time. Such a blast!

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